May 13, 2011

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Canadian Company Specializes in Secure Art Hanging Systems Which Might Be Able to Deter Art Theft According to Hangit Systems Spokesman

After reading Ben Kaplan's article about art theft which had solicited a comment from ARCA in the January 29th edition of the National Post, Canadian security company Hangit Up Systems contacted us to talk about their product and their experience in speaking with the businesses in Toronto that had been robbed of art in the last year. Doug McCamley, a product specialist for the 6-year-old Brampton, Ontario company wrote:
Security set
"Our company specializes in Art Hanging Systems including security fasteners & security options for our systems. Please feel free to click on: I followed up with the parties mentioned in the article who had their art stolen, and neither restaurant was using any form of security fasteners, nor did they seem to know they existed."
I was curious about their product and sent him a list of questions which he answered this week:
"There are 2 types of Security Systems which we sell. The J-rail XL System provides security to the art on display, while still allowing the display to be adjusted laterally & vertically. The systems utilize steel rods & Allen head machine screws to prevent removal of art. The Security Set option provides security for art that is mounted permanently in a location. A special tool is required to rotate the fastener to release the work from the wall."
Hangit Systems sells both types of systems to schools, museums, retirement residences, art galleries, and public facilities. "Anywhere that facility owners do not want art to be removed from the wall by unauthorized persons can benefit from the systems," Mr. McCamley wrote.

The price range for their J-rail XL adjustable system is from $15.00/lineal ft. up to $80.00/lineal ft (Canadian funds) depending upon site specific requirements. The price of Security set is $15.00/set for hardware and $15.00 for the locking tool (Canadian funds).

"As you can see, the two options are reasonably priced and most individuals would likely spend the money to prevent their art from 'grab & run' thieves if they were aware of what we have available," Mr. McCamley wrote.