May 28, 2011

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Profile: ARCA Staff Member Monica Di Stefano

Monica Di Stefano
by Catherine Schofield Sezgin, ARCA Blog Editor-in-Chief

Monica Di Stefano, a native of Amelia, teaches Italian language courses to ARCA students and conducts historical tours of Amelia, Narni and other adjacent Umbrian towns. She is a graduate in Foreign Languages and Literatures at the University of Perugia. She is the President of the Association 'I Poligonali', the group that manages the important archaeological site of the Roman Cisterns and works to present the historical and cultural riches of Amelia to visitors. Her family also owns a terrific clothing boutique in Amelia, BEPI 1976, on Via Rimembranze Nr. 49, that offers current Italian fashion.

ARCA Blog: Will you be teaching an Italian language course this summer to the ARCA students?

Monica: I will be teaching Italian again this summer with a book called 'Percorso Italia'.

ARCA BLOG: Monica, you have lived most of your life in Amelia so I must ask you, what is your favorite pizza from La Misticanza and Porcelli's? Or do you have a favorite pizza from another place in Amelia?

Monica: When I go to Johnny's La Misticanza I usually prefer tasting something else than pizza. His pizza is great but I know he feels offended if you don't choose one of his innovative food creations! If I want pizza I go to Porcelli or to Parco degli Ulivi, an other nice place which is just outside the city. We went there for the farewell dinner last summer.

ARCA Blog: You give historical tours of Amelia. What place do you find most interesting?

Monica: The historical place that I prefer in Amelia is The Roman Cistern: an amazing piece of engineering made by the Romans around the second century BC for the collection of water. It is incredible how this building is still here and could still work while many things that engineers do now just last for a short time!

ARCA blog: How would you describe the relationship between ARCA students and the people of Amelia? Do they watch us as much as we watch them?

Monica: The presence of ARCA students is very much appreciated and enjoyed by people of Amelia. The town is small and we know each other so when some new faces appear around we cannot avoid watching them and be happy to see someone else! So probably we watch you more! Also because Amelia, and probably Italy in general, is quite different from the States: people and habits here are much more relaxed and 'slow'. I believe this is why everyone falls in love with the peace and quiet of Amelia.