October 16, 2015

The 2016 World Monuments Watch List

Yesterday, World Monuments Fund (WMF) President and Chief Executive Officer Bonnie Burnham announced the 2016 World Monuments Watch List. Established in 1996 and published every two years, the list brings to the fore diverse archaeological, architectural, and cultural sites at risk from an array of threats, ranging from forces of nature, development, climate change, natural decay and political upheaval.  This year's list features 50 sites in 36 countries. 

Some of those spotlighted include:

This year's list also included the Unnamed Monument which acknowledges the deliberate damage and destruction of thousands of cultural heritage sites in areas of political and social instability. This monument "seeks to shift the focus to local populations who are losing their cultural heritage and history, and away from our own outrage, which plays to the propaganda of those who are perpetrating this damage."   

Find the full 2016 World Monuments Watch List and more information at the World Monument Fund's website.

By Kirsten Hower