February 25, 2010

NPR's OnPoint Featuring ARCA Trustee Anthony Amore

ARCA Trustee and Director of Security at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum was hosted by Tom Ashbrook on his NPR radio show "On Point". Joining Amore were the ISGM's Director Anne Hawley and Bob Wittman, formerly of the FBI Art Crime Team. Find On Point's archived broadcast at http://www.onpointradio.org/2010/02/stolen-art .

February 12, 2010

Blood Antiques

Recently, a variety of news sources carried stories that made reference to an article in the Fall 2009 issue of the Journal of Art Crime by Judith Harris, which discussed the many connections between looted archaeological artifacts and terror. For a both more in-depth study and visual supplement be sure to check out "Blood Antiques," a Belgian documentary by Peter Brems and Wim Van den Eynde featured on Linktv.org.

From LinkTV,
"The European art trade, synonymous with wealth and glamour, has always involved a degree of stolen and smuggled art. Now, Afghanistan’s rich cultural heritage is financing terrorism and the Taliban. From Afghans scrabbling in the sand for treasures, to the dazzling show rooms of unscrupulous dealers and private collectors – ‘Blood Antiques’ uncovers one of the most outrageous illegal trades since blood diamonds."