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February 18, 2011

Classical Twist Emerged Last Summer While Lawyers Studied Art Crime in Amelia

Last summer in Amelia two students from ARCA's Postgraduate Program found the setting inspirational and formed a new musical group. Classical Twist is a duo of classically trained musicians, proving that lawyers can also be artists.

Leila Amineddoleh (piano) and Daniella Fischetti (violin) were students in ARCA's class of 2010 when they met and discovered that they were not only interested in the same legal fields, but that they were also both musicians. While enjoying an outdoor wine-tasting and dinner, they chatted about music and soon realized that they had mutual admiration for many of the same artists.

Leila, a classical pianist, and Daniella, classical violinist turned bluegrass/jazz fiddler, found common ground in Beethoven and Radiohead and got to work immediately. After five weeks of early morning rehearsals, picking apart a classical sonata and arranging the complexities of modern rock, the duo performed a recital in Palazzo Petrignani. Beneath a veil of frescoes with the sound of church bells echoing across the Umbrian hillside, they presented Beethoven's Fourth Violin and Piano Sonata, Radiohead selections, and a couple of Neapolitan street songs (to the delight of their Italian friends) to their fellow classmates, instructors and residents of Amelia. The recital was a hit, and due to popular request, the duo performed two weeks later in Palazzo Venturelli.

After a fabulous summer of playing music together in beautiful Amelia, the duo was sad to "break up the band." As luck would have it, Daniella and Leila both live in the New York metro area, and they reunited in the US after their summer abroad. The duo has continued to expand their repertoire, and they have a rapidly growing playlist of classical pieces, tango, traditional folk songs, and music by David Bowie, Portishead, the Gotan Project, the Beatles, and many others.

Ironically, one of the most difficult tasks facing the girls was creating a suitable name for the group. After months of debate, Daniella and Leila finally agreed on "Classical Twist," inspired by their classical training, fancy cocktails, and their own personal "twist" that they give songs.

Since returning from Italy, Classical Twist has performed at private parties, holiday functions, and restaurants and have a number of performances lined up this spring. Daniella and Leila look forward to continuing to share their love of music and are working on a number of albums to share with their fans. Playing together reminds the girls of their wonderful summer adventures in Umbria, Italy, a place filled with beautiful art, delicious food, musical memories, and wonderful friends.

To learn more about Classical Twist and hear samples, please visit, and stay tuned for new site coming soon!