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April 15, 2013

Kunsthal Rotterdam: Art Gallery Robbed Last October to Close for Six Months to go "green"

The Kunsthal Rotterdam robbed last October will close from June to October 2013 for planned reconstruction works, according to the email send out yesterday.
During these months, overdue maintenance will be realised, the main entrance relocated, technical installations renewed, and the sustainability of the entire building shall be improved. The reconstruction works are jointly initiated by the Kunsthal, de municipality of Rotterdam – owner of the building – and architecture firm OMA. The board of the Kunsthal as well as the Mayor and Executive Board of Rotterdam have given their consent for the reconstruction works. 
Seen the scope of the renovation, it has been decided to extend the management of the Kunsthal with a business director, Bas den Hollander. 
The Kunsthal will be closed for visitors during its five months reconstruction works. Therefore, Friends of the Kunsthal and members of the Kunsthal Business Club are compensated and will receive a forthcoming letter with additional information.
Behind the scenes, the Kunsthal-team will continue to work on an exciting exhibition programme.

As from November 2013, we will be happy to welcome you in a beautiful renovated and sustainable building.


Hi Catherine, the De Kunsthal will be closed four months, not six. On the other hand: the Rijksmuseum supposedly would be closed four years, but in the end this became 10 years. So, one never knows.
The De Kunsthal going green among others means there will be structural compartments. I bet these will be burglar proof compartments. About a week after the heist architect Rem Koolhaas stated in an interview that my views about the vulnerability for heist were not justified, and that the building has been quite acceptable from a security point of view. Making structural compartments by all means will be change the architectural looks in a radical way. According to the director of museum, Emily Ansenk, the security was 'state of the art' at the time of the heist. I am most curious to find out which level of security will transcend state of the art..