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November 13, 2013

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Gurlitt Art Collection: English language media reports German government to cooperate with publicizing art works published a report today by the Associated Press under the headline: "German government unveils details of 'Nazi art': 'Almost 600 works of art discovered in the Munich apartment of Cornelius Gurlitt may have been stolen by Nazis':
Bowing to demands from Jewish groups and art experts, the German government has made public the details of paintings in a recovered trove of about 1,400 pieces of art, many of which may have been stolen by the Nazis, and said it would put together a taskforce to speed up identification. 
In a written statement, the government said as many as 590 works of art could have been stolen by the Nazis. In a surprise move, it quickly featured some 25 of those works on the website and said it would be regularly updated.
According to the article:
A taskforce of six experts will be put together by the German government and the state government of Bavaria, with the support of a research group on "degenerate art" at the Free University of Berlin. Such art was largely modern or abstract work that Adolf Hitler's regime believed to be a corrupt influence on the German people. Many such works were later sold to enrich the Nazis. There were 380 works of art in this category, the government said. 
The taskforce would work in parallel with the continuing legal investigation by prosecutors in Augsburg, the government said. 
The prosecutor had only said there was evidence that one item – a Matisse painting of a sitting woman – was stolen by the Nazis from a French bank in 1942.