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April 8, 2014

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Gurlitt Art Collection: Cornelius Gurlitt Agrees to Provenance Research once his artwork has been returned to him

Here is the link to the English version of the joint press release dated April 7 announcing that Cornelius Gurlitt's art collection will be returned to him while provenance research will continue on a 'voluntary basis' for one year on the "Schwabing Art Trove" (so named for the neighborhood surrounding the home from which the 1,280 works were taken two years ago):
Representatives of the Bavarian State Ministry of Justice and of the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media have reached an agreement with Cornelius Gurlitt and Christoph Edel, the lawyer who has been appointed by the court to look after Mr. Gurlitt's affairs, on what to do with the artworks of the "Schwabing Art Trove."... Mr. Gurlitt stated his willingness to allow provenance research on a voluntary basis once the works are released from police custody. Mr. Gurlitt will allow the Task Force to continue researching the provenance of those works in the trove suspected of having been confiscated from their owners by the Nazis or of being works the Nazis considered "degenerate art". To this end, these artworks will remain in secure custody and on the website However, the Task Force aims to complete the main substance of its provenance research within a year."
 For background on the Gurlitt Art Collection and it's recent controversy, please see this post.