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October 22, 2019

Updates from the Egyptian Exploration Society and the papri purchased by Andy Stimer

The Egyptian Exploration Society issued an update Monday, 21 October 2019 indicating that collector Andy Stimer, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Hope Partners Industry, has confirmed to the EES that he is in possession of five papyri from their collection.  The USA collector appears to be cooperating with the EES and has agreed "to make arrangements for their return" and  "wishes to help the EES check whether he holds any other EES texts"

The EES listed the five biblical papyri Stimer reported purchasing (in good faith) as: 

Exodus 40: P.Oxy. inv. 30 4B.37/F(1-3)c
Psalms 3-4: inv. 100/103(b)
Ecclesiastes: inv. 102/124(b)
Romans 9-10: inv. 29 4B.46/G(4-6)a [three pieces]
1 Corinthians 7-10: inv. 106/116(c)

Their report also clarified that four of the papri identified in Brent Nongbri’s post of 18 October 2019, ‘Recently emerged papyri of dubious origins: a working list’, are safe within the Oxyrhynchus collection, and have been assigned to editors for publication.

Those are: 

Genesis 11: P.Oxy. inv. 11 1B.147/D(a)
Matthew 12: inv. 102/66(d)
Luke? [Luke 12]: inv. 106/113(c)
Luke 2: inv. 104/42(c)

In addition to the controversial Dead Sea Scrolls, Stimer is recorded as having donated the following objects to the Museum of the Bible: